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Food analysis along the entire value chain

From the farm to the consumer we have an analytical solution to help you determine the value or check the consistency, quality and safety of your product.

Rhine Ruhr is active in the following market segments.

Milk 180x120
Raw Milk Testing
For the laboratory which tests high volumes of raw milk whether the results are used for payment or herd recording and udder health purposes.

Cheese 180x120

Rhine Ruhr has a range of equipment capable of the rapid analysis of milk and any dairy product. We also supply equipment for the determination of reference methods.

Feed & Forage
cow-face 180x120

Rapid analysis of feed ingredients, compound feeds and pet food. Rhine Ruhr also supply equipment for standard chemical analysis.

Grain, Flour Milling & Oilseed Processing
Flour 180x120

Grain receival, flour milling, oilseed crushing and on farm grain testing.

Analysis of ground meat and cuttings

Rhine Ruhr has a solution for cutting & Deboning, grading of cuts, ground beef and sausage production. We can also analyze fish and poultry.

cold-beer 180x120

Online turbidity, colour and concentration analysis as well as phase separation detection. Rapid compositional analysis of wine.

Labware 180x120

For digestion, distillation, fibre analysis, sample preparation, solvent extraction and any general lab ware requirements, please give us a call…

Water 180x120

On-line measurement of turbidity, oil-in-water, DOC, concentration of important parameters in drinking and waste water. Rapid microbiological analysis (about 15 minutes) by Sigrist.

Biofuel 180x120

Dedicated analytical solutions for everyone involved in the biofuel production value chain by FOSS.

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